About Us

Michael Salone Michael Salone

Michael has spent his career in Fortune 500 organizations as an international Human Resources professional. His experience has brought him to all continents, observing the same difficulties companies have in quickly and accurately identifying talent. It is through this experience and passion that Michael is convinced that there must be a better way! Michael is American and French, an international speaker, and author of Tagging for Talent: The Hidden Power of Social Recognition in the Workplace.

Olivier Zara

Olivier is an experienced web application designer and renown expert in the fields of collective intelligence and personal branding (online identity and reputation). Author of four books: Managing Collective Intelligence; Practical Guide to Relational Intelligence Volumes 1 and 2; Successful Career through Personal Branding, Olivier has developed a passion for the link between technology and human behaviors. Olivier is a dual national (French & Canadian), and resides in Montreal, Canada.

Olivier Zara
Hilary Ellis Hilary Ellis

An expert in talent management, competency design and leadership development, Hilary is passionate about helping organisations improve business performance. An early career in international marketing led Hilary to work with global companies on aligning the talent & engagement of their people with business strategy and objectives: "I quickly understood that to manage complex situations and make the vital connections needed to leverage new opportunities, companies need to identify and nurture the talent of all their people!" Hilary is British and lives in Brighton, UK.